Well, we’ve again failed to keep this blog updated; we thought it right to tell you why. A lot has been happening here at the shop from new equipment purchases to website updating all while keeping our special projects rolling along. Most importantly, information delivery, we know our website wasn’t the best. Back in 2008, it was awesome! We continually put off updating while we put together an entirely new site to showcase our new, restructured part number system. Well, this has proved to be a painstaking process that’s dragged on for years so we figured we’d put some time into the current site to make it easier to navigate, give it a facelift so those who visit often wouldn’t be looking at the same old thing, and add a slew of products that are available but not listed. All these changes are live and we have more in the works; keep an eye out!

First things first, landing pages! We offer so many kits for so many trucks but never had a direct path to get to the newer products. Well, that’s all changed. You’ll notice the right-hand graphics have changed and are more user-friendly.

When you click on Ram or Ford systems from the updated homepage graphics, it’ll navigate you to a landing page where you can click your truck and only see products applicable to your selection. This is VERY exciting for us as our old design was developed early on and wasn’t expandable with the product line. The redesign means intuitive navigation and customers can now see the products in which they’re interested opposed to weeding through product only to find an application guide that excludes their vehicle.

We’ve added our full range of 1500 Kits for the 4×4 Hemi and Eco-Diesel trucks on which we’ve spend innumerable hours tweaking and running trucks for our end valving profiles. We have a Commuter 2.0 for the Daily Driver and Weekend Warrior, then a Performance 2.5 for those looking to maximize on and off-road capability with a bolt-on suspension. We’re finishing up our Upper Control Arm and are anticipating early 2017 availability.

On the production end of things, we’re recently purchased a CNC mill and Lathe. We got the machines to cut down on lead times for prototype and to start machining of many of our small parts. Well, one thing led to another and we’ve acquired a third machine that is a CNC Lathe with live tooling. The smaller machines wet our appetite and we’re now bringing ball joint machining in house and who knows what else! This is yet another exciting move in the step of innovation while trimming lead times of current product and bringing quality control in house. As we grow, we invest not only to expand our product lines but to better the products we’re delivering and cut down on lead times.

In the Ford World, the long-awaited Excursion project has come to an end. To say we’re happy with the result would be an understatement. 4.5” of front lift thanks to our Custom Deaver Leaf Springs in the front, 3.0” in the rear and completely custom build and tuned King 2.5” Remote Reservoir shocks ride incredible on the highway and ensure dirt roads are managed with one hand on the wheel. All incidental components are finally available under one kit part number. Brake lines, bump drops, track bar drop, etc. are all included to ensure you’re not left with a truck on the lift only to find you’re needing something else. Sure, some prefer to swap the axle form an 05+ and run a long arm conversion but the capability of this BOLT-ON kit isn’t to be understated. We’ve driven both and went leaf-spring for a reason. This system can be installed in your driveway with a couple buddies, cases of beer and abundant hand tools. Utilitarian meets sex-appeal in a package a monkey could install if only it took the time to read the instructions. The leaf springs keep the truck, geometrically, as factory intended with plenty of additional travel, damping and handling in a truck that’s completely returnable to stock with only a 15% reduction in payload. If that’s a problem, long-travel airbags are available to increase the capacity while allowing adjustability of the rear load!

We can’t go into too much detail on this one yet, but as you can see from the stance, she’s not stock! We’re going to be adding a full line of JK Products. What it will entail, we’re not yet sure but the market will surely tell us if precedent serves us well. To give an idea of where we’re going to start, a Commuter 2.0 and Backcountry 2.0 are the first planned kits. We’re learning this platform as we develop; the first kits we want to offer are bolt-on, minimal modification with huge ride quality and handling benefits. The JK Pictured has our proprietary 2.5” lift springs front and rear, Fox 2.0” IFP shocks (Remote Reservoir Fox 2.0 are next on the list) and a few awesomely innovative geometry correction components like nothing you’ve ever seen. We’re going to keep those behind the curtain until they’re done but stay tuned. We have chassis mounted frame sliders, differential guard and a few other cool things in the works. Share this with your JK friends, they’re about to learn a thing or two about Carli quality!

Back to the Ram world, we’ve spend PLENTY of time grinding control arm mounts off of 2003-12 Ram frames much to our tech’s dismay. Most recently, the guys from Black n’ Blue racing dropped of their MegaCab. If you’re unfamiliar with this build, it’s the truck that took the Short-Arm Unchained System from a race-ready kit to a Championship Holding Suspension System! In their 2006 Ram Mega-Cab, Matt and Team took home the SADR 1450 Trophy for 2015. If he can do that with short arms, we can’t wait to see what he will do with our new Long Arms, 6.25” Shock Towers and 11.25” Travel King 3.5” shocks up front!

The truck was treated to Long-Arms, Bucket Gusseting to reduce fatigue and some track bar reinforcement. She’s a hefty girl, so custom tuning is also in the cards. We’ll post updates on the race season and how the now long-arm equipped truck is holding up as 2016 progresses but we’re all excited to say the least!

Now that we’re discussing top-tier systems, back to the Ford world! Dan treated himself to a new truck and Sage FINALLY got the suspension he deserves. Dan’s 2016 F250 was treated to a bypass-equipped version of the 4.5” Ford Dominator which has been finalized and added to the website. The build was finished with products from Fusion Bumpers, Baja Designs Lighting, American Force Wheels, Monster Hooks, and a Snug Top.

Sage’s already built Super-Duty is now equipped with a Carli Fabricated Front Bumper and 4.5” kit with our 2.5” Coilovers but the mounts were altered to allow a 3-Tube 3.0” Bypass shock up front. The rear of both trucks are equipped with Carli’s fabricated shock mounts and 3.0” 4-Tube Bypasses boasting an oversized rebound tube with Carli tuning and custom tube layout. The Unchained (Dan’s kit, white truck) is listed on the website but; Sage’s is more of a statement truck as there’s not a “need” for the coilover; if we find there’s demand, we’ll list that one as well.

Lastly, some other projects on which we’re working that we’ll discuss more in depth in their own blogs as they progress, Donny Tolson’s 2015 Ram 2500 that will be getting our Cantilever rear and 3.0” Fox Bypasses on all four corners and the 2013+ Ram 3500 4×4 Factory Air-Ride Pintop Kit.

Jump on the freshly updated website and tour around, you won’t be disappointed as there’s a lot to see. As for the last two pictures, stay tuned for more! If there’s anything you want to see more of, shoot us an email and let us know!