Adjustable Track Bar, Front

Adjustable Track Bar, Front


– Adjustable Track Bar, Front
– Designed for 2.5-3″ Front Lift
– 1/4″ Wall Construciton, FK Bearing 7/8″ Heim
– CUB Joint to minimize vibration and maximize lifespan
– Fitment: 2007-17 Jeep JKU 4×4

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The Carli Adjustable Track Bars allow geometry correction on Carli-Leveled JK’s.

Another Jeep Track bar… What makes a Carli Track Bar different from those flooding the market all claiming to be the best? The track bar is massively overbuilt for the application boasting a vibration damping design with proven FK Bearings on both ends.

The result – optimal steering geometry with minimal feedback, laser-sharp handling, insurance against the dreaded death wobble and, if and when the track bar requires a rebuild, both joints are fully serviceable.

The Carli Track Bar’s construction begins with 1/4″ wall USA DOM tubing. All bars are CNC cut and bent to ensure perfect fitment, every time. The non-adjustable end features an oversized cup braced with a welded strap to house the massive 7/8″ FK Bearing Uniball encapsulated with a vibration damping composite.

One either side of the FK bearing is an isolation washer to prevent the metal housing from galling the bushing or bearing.

The assembly is preloaded into the housing and retained with a safety washer and snap ring. Once assembled, we isolate this joint from the elements using a combination of our in-house machined Misalignment Spacers and their respective seal and O-Ring. The seal securely clips into a machined groove in the spacer and track bar housing. On the inside, the Viton O-Ring seals the spacer to the bearing ensuring nothing penetrates the assembly.

On the adjustable end, another 7/8″ FK Bearing – this time, a heat-treated chromoly race heim locked in place by Carli’s proprietary JAMMIT nut providing 100% more surface area than a standard jam-nut.

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