Rear Coil Springs


– Provide 3/4″-1″ Rear Lift
– Progressive Rate
Fitment: 2019+ Ram 1500 4×4
– NON Rebel, Multi-Function Tailgate, or Rambox

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These rear 1″ lift springs match perfectly to our 2″ – 2.5″ front systems. They’re shot-peened & pre-set for longevity of the coil (it won’t ever sag), then powder coated to ensures the finish quality is as good as the spring’s performance.

This coil provides 1″ of rear lift and runs 2 rates. The initial, softer rate is blocked out at ride height. This is NOT designed to be some super soft on-road rate – think of this as a “tender spring”. We wanted predictability in ride and handling so the truck will run on the 2nd rate unless the rear axle droops (offroad). Further, when loaded, it ensure sag is not exaggerated by initial collapsing of a softer rate. Take it in the dirt and, once the axle droops, the initial rate opens to keep the coil tight to its mounting perches while the extended travel shocks are pushed to the bottom of their longer stroke.

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