Our proprietary stabilizers run a custom valving profile and small shaft diameter as we’ve found this combination best in steering damper applications. Their fully-rebuildable construction boasts a Stainless Steel body with Machined Billet Aluminum Rod ends housing precision 1/2” Spherical Bearings topped off with a hardened Black Nitride Shaft. Each stabilizer’s nitrogen chamber is adjustable from 70psi to 200psi allowing customers to correct for radial tire-pull in various configurations. If no pull exists, the Stabilizer can be set from 70psi to 100psi as this neutral range will pressurize the oil for proper function without biasing correcting in either direction.

More on our stabilizers here:
What is a Steering Stabilizer?

We offer a High Mount, a Low Mount and an opposing Stabilizer Configuration for 2003-12 Rams.