Reservoir Rock Guard

Reservoir Rock Guard


– Shock Reservoir Protection
– Stainless Hose Clamps
– Sold Individually
Recommended for Rear shock leaning forward from the axle
– Fitment: Any 2.5″, 3.0″ or 3.5″ Shock with 2.5″ Reservoir


Designed to keep rocks and debris from damaging your shock bodies and reservoirs, the Carli Reservoir Guard is your best solution for ensuring you keep your performance levels at their peak. The heavy gauge steel construction will deflect or absorb any impacts from rocks, sticks, or other hazardous trail and road debris that could crush your shock bodies. Take it from us, we’ve exploded shocks from rock hits and these little guys have saved more shocks than we can count.

Note: Although these fit on most shocks on a variety of vehicles, it is possible they might not fit your application. We recommend that you inspect your shocks for clearance on all applications.

Product Instructions for CS-RRG

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Product Media for CS-RRG

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