2017+ Ford F250/F350 Components

  • Rip corners with surgical precision knowing there's exactly enough rate to hold the body steady while cutting your line through the dirt. Hit the tarmac and enjoy the benefit of the lighter rate bar cruising around town with it's on-road feel reminiscent of an independent front suspension. No more chassis reverberation on small bumps; let the suspension dance in the level cab while hitting off-camber driveways. The Carli Torsion Sway Bar runs drop brackets specific to the 2.5" and 4.5" lifts and works in conjunction with our Frame Drops and Stainless Extended End Links. In typical Carli fashion, there are no disconnects on the end links nor multiple holes in the bar to change the leverage applied. This bar is refined to work in conjunction with our custom tuned suspensions to throw an exponent on the ride quality. The rate is set, the bar will not hinder articulation justifying a disconnect. The Rate is the perfect balance splitting control and comfort - install and enjoy!
  • Early, ROUGH estimates are $2,000.00 for the hitch and early 2020 availability if the project moves forward. Maintain your factory winch cable to crank your 37"-38" spare tire into the factory location, secure it to a hitch made from 1/4" Boxed Cold-Rolled Steel utilizing HD D-Rings with Mac's 3-way Tie Strap.
  • SKU: CS-FATB-17 - Massive Steering Upgrade - Vibration Damping CUB Joint - Fully Rebuildable - Configurable to Carli 2.5-4.5" Lifts - NOT for use on stock-height Trucks. - 2017+ F250/350 4x4
  • 2.5 and 4.5" Lift Springs for the 2005+ Super Duty Platform. Carli springs are Shot Peened and Pre-Set, then powder coated by the manufacturer ensuring they won't sag and the finish will last for years to come. The 2.5" Lift Springs are a linear spring with a slightly softer rate than stock to provide a leveled stance and smooth ride through the whole travel stroke. The 4.5" springs are side specific and multi-rate to provide ride comfort and a secondary increased spring rate to prevent the suspension from hitting the bump stops in their massive travel range.
  • SKU: CS-FHMSS-17 - Stainless Steel Body and High Misalignment Pin - Custom Valved for Larger Tires, Adjustable Nitrogen Pressure - Hardened Nitride Shafts and Precision Bearings - Long Lasting Performance and Appearance - Bolt in Replacement for OEM Stabilizer - Fitment: 2017+ F250/350 4x4 - Works on leveled and lifted trucks ONLY
  • SKU: CS-FDGDANA - Dana 60 Front Differential Guard - 1/4" Steel Construction - Grade 8 Hardware - Bolts On In Minutes - Fitment: 2005+ Ford F250/F350 4x4 - Fitment: 1994-2002 Dodge 2500/3500 4x4
  • Fabricated Radius Arms

    From: $1,360.00
    Fully Boxed Construction boasting full-length internal gusseting makes them bulletproof, 3" Serviceable 17-4 Stainless Spherical Joint ensures they cycle with no bind in the pivot, an engineered high-clearance cutout allows 37" tire fitment when running near-stock Backspacing (5.5") to keep rocks off the paint while Limit Staps prevent the shocks from limiting down travel.
  • Carli Suspension worked in conjunction with Deaver Leaf Springs to design a leaf spring pack to match our 2.5" and 4.5" Suspension Lifts while providing a much more predictable and supple ride with only a slight reduction from a standard 3/4-ton load capacity. The factory leaf spring packs have 2-4 heavy main springs and an immobile lower overload making for a jarring ride; replacing them with our 9-Leaf main pack and 3-Leaf overload provide much more spring rate progression. This makes for a softer unloaded ride, massive suspension travel increase and impressive capacity as the rear end compresses engaging all the springs. Also offered, in leveling height ONLY, is our HD Spring for those with a constant bedload of 1,000lbs.
  • SKU: CS-FELKIT-45-17 - Combines End Links and Drop Brackets For Perfect Sway Bar Position - 17-4 Stainless Steel, Fully Rebuildable - Excellent Articulation - Required for 4.5" Suspension System - Fitment: 2017+ F250/350 4x4
  • Sway Bar Option for 2.5" Carli Systems:

    The 2.5" Carli System will use either the CS-FSBD-LVL-17  (Drop brackets) OR the CS-FEL-LVL-17 (Stainless Sway Bar End Links). The drop brackets will be more cost-effective and maintain the factory sway bar links. The Carli Stainless Sway bar links are a far more robust, fully serviceable and rebuildable option that won't interfere with plow brackets.
  • Double Bellow Airbags are restrictive to ride quality and travel of the rear suspension; Enter Carli Long Travel Airbags. We combine tapered billet pistons and rolling sleeve design to maximize the travel and ride quality by minimizing the exponential spring rate increase associated with aftermarket airbags. The airbags are rated to 2,000lbs. each at 100psi with a normal operating range of 5-75psi while supporting up to 12 inches of suspension travel. The extended and collapsed dimension combined with ride height piston-depth makes these airbags compatible ONLY with our 4.5" Lifts, unfortunately. Everything is included to set these up for manual fill but we provide industry standard 1/4" airline to plumb these into your existing air system if desired. As can be seen below, we offer these for all three axle diameters on the 2017+ Super Duty Platform.
  • Our 6 leaf progressive add a pack rear springs are a proprietary design built for us by Deaver Spring MFG. The lower overload leaf is removed and is replaced with 6 thinner gauge leaves. The O.E.M. load capacity is maintained while improved ride is achieved. These packs are designed to eliminate the incredibly harsh rebound of the factory overload spring they replace helping to tame the medium to large bumps when paired with a Carli Suspension System.
  • SKU: CS-FRAD-17 - Drops Pivot Point 4.5" - 1/4" Steel Construction, Powder Coated Finish - Bolt-on Installation - Fitment - 2017+ F250/350 4x4
  • Front reservoir mounts for 2.0 and higher diameter shocks with remote reservoirs. The mounts sandwich between the coil isolator and upper coil bucket to create an easily accessible mounting location. Comes complete with the appropriate hose clamps to ensure a firm fitment.
  • Front bump stop drop brackets for the 2017 Suspensions For 2.5" or 4.5" Carli Systems.
  • When lifting the front of a Super Duty 2.5", caster will be reduced by 1°. The 2° shim specified with our 2.5" lift systems not only restores caster but increases it by 1° from the stock spec to ensure proper tracking with larger tires. Our 4.5" lift systems drop the radius arm pivot point 4.5" to match the lift; thus, caster is maintained. We include the 1° shim to increase caster 1° over stock for the abovementioned purpose. If running Carli Radius arms, it's not necessary to run any additional caster correction as they increase caster 1°.
  • Extended, Stainless Brake Lines result in an increased allowance for extended wheel travel while firming the pedal feel.
  • SKU: CS-CARRIERDROP-F - Drops Carrier Bearing on 2-Piece Driveshafts - Prevents take-off shudder/driveline vibration - Stackable 3/8" Shims for 1"-4" Rear Lift