2020+ FORD F250/F350 4X4, DIESEL - 5.5" SYSTEMS

The 2020+ Ford F250/350 Platform is the same as the 17-19 but they lowered the front 1″ and the rear 1″-1.5″ depending on the cab configuration and 250/350 designation. For this reason, the only change to the suspension systems will be the stated lift height. The 4.5″ Lift Systems from the previous generation, 2017-19, are now 5.5″ for the 2020.

As the shock package is the main determinant of ride quality and capability among our suspensions, they are the distinguishing difference among the System offerings below. Each “Base Kit” is equipped with a custom tuned Shock Package, 5.5” lift Coil Springs, Radius Arm Drop Brackets, 1° Caster Correction Shims, Extended Stainless Steel Brake Lines, Adjustable Track bar, Bump Stop Drops and, where applicable Add-a-Packs or Full Progressive Leaf Springs and Sway Bar Drops or End Links.

Additionally, products including Fabricated Radius Arms, Steering Stabilizers, Long Travel Airbags and a Differential Guard from our Components section offer the opportunity for complete customization of individual application.


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