Our reputation has been built on a long line of quality components and signature shock tunes turning out everything from budget friendly leveled trucks to fully caged, off-road specific race trucks. Given our extensive experience, we offer complete Suspension Systems tuned in house to enhance any level of desired on-road and off-road performance in the already VERY capable Power Wagon Platform.

We offer three complete Suspension Systems. As the shock package is the main determinant of ride quality and capability among our Suspension Systems, they are the distinguishing difference among the Commuter, Backcountry and Pintop offerings below. Each “Base Kit” is equipped with a custom tuned Shock Package, Front & Rear Lift Coil Springs, Radius Arm Drop Brackets and an Adjustable Track Bar rounds off the front while the rear geometry is corrected thanks to a Track Bar Drop Bracket and Extended Sway Bar End Links.


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