We’ve been pretty heavy on the Ram videos and wanted to show the Ford guys some love. One product on which we’re always getting questions, the Ford Fabricated Radius Arms.

The fact is, there’s A LOT that goes into the making of every product here at Carli. From a design standpoint, it was a massive pain to engineer an arm that boasts a full-length 1/4″ x-gusset while providing the end user with 1/2″ more tire clearance than a factory radius arm. There’s a lot to talk about:  17-4 stainless steel spherical joints, provisions for limit straps to protect those expensive shocks, construction that would blow a structural engineers mind, better ride quality and handling characteristics all while offering more tire clearance than factory.

This video is a new style; rather than tell you about a product and show it in the dirt – we thought we’d show you the construction behind a product worthy of wearing the coveted Carli Suspension brand.