Posted – July 23th, 2019

2.5″ Pintop Leveling Shakedown

The 2019 Ram 2500 is on the lift and we’re ready to strip the leveling system as we’ve fitted everything we needed to fit to determine what changes need to be made to the 2014-18 product line to accommodate the 2019+ platform. With the next video in our series (above), we bring the camera along the final shakedown to give you a glimpse into the world of our final testing before we hit the go-button.

Our coils are a slightly reduced rate from factory and our shock lengths are determined based on those coils (travel and spring rate) and are tuned in by seat of the pants feel – this means thousands of miles of on and off-road driving with MANY valving changes to ensure compatibility is maximized and ride quality optimized.

“Custom Tuned” seems to be an industry buzz-word anymore; online retailers are claiming to offer such customization without possessing the ability to drive the truck with the valving they’re throwing in. We prefer the old fashioned way. This is the way Sage Carli has custom tuned shocks for over 15 years and it’s the process on which we’ve build this company’s reputation. We’re happy to be able to offer you all some insight into the process to show what it takes to offer a TRUE custom tune!

Posted – July 8th, 2019

2.5″ Pintop Leveling System

The Leveling System is a wrap, awesome – but a small victory among the rest of our product line. Next up, we rigged up some custom track bars for the trucks on which we’re prototyping the systems while we work on the production version and threw on the next kit in line, the Pintop Leveling System. The brand new Fox Shocks were removed and shelved in favor of their girthy counterparts – the King 2.5″ Remote Reservoir Front and Rear Shocks. As with all our Kings, we spec these shocks so they’re completely custom to our systems to perfectly match our travel spec and desired reservoir mounting location. Far more important, the build quality and tuning in the Kings makes the Foxes look like child’s play.

The Foxes cannot be beat at their price point – extruded aluminum bodies, hourglass bushings, hardened and plated shafts and legendary red Fox oil. The Kings step it up in price and build quality to match. O-ringed, steel wear-bands surround the proprietary, in-house designed Carli Pistons serving as the perfect baseline to adapt these off-road race shocks to the HD truck platform. Zinc plated, steel bodies provide a lifetime of service while the 17-4 Stainless Steel shock shafts with we we spec all our Kings shrug off the elements without a second thought. As with all our proprietary shocks, the design is followed by the extensive procedure to which we’ve become so accustomed – on and off-road drive, remove, revalve, repeat to hone our custom valving profile. As the Carli Pistons in the 2.5″ Kings boast a 56% greater surface area than the Fox 2.0″ in our base leveling kit, the aforementioned process results in a truck with far more composed handling on and offroad. The street manners improve drastically while the off-road capability will have you convinced you’re driving a truck half it’s size.

Given the diameter of the King 2.5″ shocks, the track bar is necessary (we know, we know… We’re working on a production version, we promise) to avoid contacting the shock body and the truck’s frame. Further, we include reservoir mounts to display the 9″ Aluminum King Reservoir above the tire sporting the coveted Carli/King Decal to let the world know you’re not running just any King Shock.

This wraps up the front changes aside from adding some wheels and tires. As the Pintop is our high-end leveling system, we tune the shocks to work with a 37″ tire at proper, unloaded pressures (45psi front, 35psi rear). With this truck, CJC Offroad dropped off a set of 37×13.5″ Nitto Ridge Grapplers and 20″ TR Beadlock wheels to match the black-out package with which their Ram was equipped. The combo is perfection and requires very minimal trimming to work thanks to the huge wheel wells and factory radius arms maintaining a forward axle position throughout the stroke of travel.

Onto the rear… The 2019 shows no variance as it pertains to our leveling systems. Unique to our 2.5″ Systems in the 14+ platform, the rear receives no spring alteration – only shocks and ancillary components to make them fit. This means it tows like no other system – BIG shocks custom valved to the factory coil springs makes for a controlled on-road ride & a massively improved, composed off-road ride and the ability to handle factory payload with FAR more control. The standard leveling system equipped with the foxes requires no other parts. The Kings require our brake line relocation tabs to shift the position of the rear e-brake line around the remote reservoir on the passenger’s side.

Once the production track bar hits, this system will be available. Stay Tuned for updates on parts as we install them and the upcoming 3.25″ System installation!

Posted – July 3rd, 2019

2.5″ Leveling System

It took us a bit but we got a 2019 Ram 2500 HD in the shop for test fitment. We started at the bottom, the 2.5″ Leveling Kit. As everything appears similar to the 2014-18 platform, we took the Leveling System and threw it on… Verdict? IT FITS!

As stated in our previous video on the 3500, we’re in the process of redesigning the track bar to fit the 19+ platform but, given this system doesn’t include an adjustable track bar, the CS-DLEVEL-14 SKU will bolt right up. The above video explains the rest in detail.