If you have climbed under a new 2014+ RAM heavy duty truck, you are likely aware of the new suspension arrangement Dodge introduced that features coil springs in the rear and a radius arm in the front. With Dodge’s new suspension options for their line of HD trucks being so vastly different Carli decided to focus first on the lion’s share of configurations, the RAM 2500 Coil Sprung Rear vehicle.

This is Dodge’s first major redesign of their suspension in 20 years so it was imperative we looked at this truck with a fresh mind and a clean slate. To put it bluntly Fiat didn’t make things easy for us, but we’ve laughed off more daunting challenges so we quickly rolled up our sleeves and dug in. We bought a brand new fairly optioned out 2500, threw it up on the lift, lifted it’s skirt, and went through it with a fine tooth comb. Although there are a few design and engineering issues on Fiat’s part that will hinder a comprehensive Carli component offering (i.e. airbags for more payload), we are happy overall with their decision to go to the long radius arm system and implement rear coils.

The hit list is going to include the usual areas of attention to extract maximum performance, quality, payload, and appearance. Coils were designed to give the perfect stance while maintaining factory payload capacity for the 2500 platform. Like previous generations of our systems, we will offer a broad range of shock options tailored to the customer’s needs, such as the Commuter, Back Country, and King Pintop 2.5 Systems. 2014 RAM’s will not be left without complimentary component options, as we have already designed Torsion Sway Bars, Stainless Stabilizers, Radius Drops, Track Bars, Radius Arm replacements, etc.

Being the new truck that it is, we had to adhere to our true form and put the components through their paces to intentionally bring any defects or design flaws to the surface. With a few tweaks of spring rates, numerous valving changes, and track bar redesigns, we are very proud of what the new truck has become. From trailering another Diesel Dodge back and forth to Phoenix, to dirt trips out in the desert, and general shop mule duty where it sees pallet freight in excess of 2,000 lbs, our test truck has been proving itself to be a legimitate contender for all your Heavy Duty truck needs.

RAM has several different chassis configurations, so for the time being we have decided to focus on the release of the 2500 Platform with the 3500 platform following shortly after the 2500 Systems hit the market. The 2013+ 3500’s share the same front end as the 2014+ 2500’s, whereas their rear chassis’ differ between a Coil-sprung and Leaf-sprung setup. RAM Engineers opted for different rear shocks in the 3500, so we are designing specific shocks and leaf spring parts for these vehicles.

Peruse our offerings below to see what Carli has to offer for your Heavy Duty RAM.

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One of the most important components to be included in our systems, Carli’s Radius Arm Drops maintain your vehicle’s critical caster and coil geometry. RAM’s new suspension setup has proven itself to be quite complex in its idiosyncrasies, and as a result we have engineered a simple solution to overcome the less-desired nuances of the new trucks. Using Chrysler CAD files, we developed a simple-to-install Drop that is truly bolt-on with no welding required. Due to their unique design, the vehicle chassis and powertrain can be serviced or replaced without removal of the Radius Arm Drops. Constructed out of 1/4″ Cold Rolled Steel and CNC formed, these precision components rotate your axle back to OEM settings, locating your lower coil perch angles where they were intentionally designed; this also alleviates the coil bowing that is encountered when you lift the front and don’t address the coil bow issue, something that will never be truly addressed with a “coil only” approach. Carli Radius Arm Drops for 2013+ RAM trucks will keep your investment driving like the day it left the showroom floor.

Coils for the new RAM’s are custom designed for specific engineering inclusions, such as unique Driver/Passenger side front coils, maximum allowable wire diameter, and specific spring rates for ride quality and payload. Both coils have a lighter spring rate than stock, but the rear coils feature a Multiple Rate design that allows the progressive spring rate to ramp up when more weight is applied. This translates to a superb ride without sacrificing your truck’s capabilities. We spent countless hours trying to find the perfect spring rate to match ride quality with payload weight.

Bump stop drops will be a part of every kit to maximize wheel travel without damaging the shocks. Rear bump drops are machined out of billet 6061 Aluminum, while the front are a fabricated design that bolt into the factory mount. You may also purchase them individually in Front or Rear sets.

NEW for Carli and the 2014 RAM is a highly redesigned Adjustable Track Bar. Upon initial evalution of the front suspension components, we found that the 2003-2012 legacy Track Bars did not cycle appropriately in the new trucks. Due to the new RAM Radius Arms, steering stabilizer, and new axle design, the previous generation of Track Bar will interfere with everything surround it, mandating a fresh approach to a well-traveled road. After great success in long term testing, we had a custom made “captured bushing” rod-end designed specifically for Carli’s use. Featuring a forged housing, an excellent pre-loaded bushing, and serviceability, this Rod End is a game changer for Track Bars. Because of it’s tight tolerance, preloaded bushing, and almost non-existant deflection, our new Track Bar delivers a more solid feel and truer precision compared to our already well-proven legacy Track Bars. Well known Baja race teams are currently running this bar and the consensus is unanimous: the new track bar is literally their favorite component under the truck (and these guys have 3.5″ KING Shocks under their Chase Rigs, for point of reference).

Not stopping at the rod end, we also improved the rigidity of the track bar with the introduction of 3/8″ wall thickness DOM material. Each Track Bar is CNC bent on a $500,000 computer controlled bending machine. This ultimate high-end bender uses electric servos and actuators instead of hydraulics, resulting in absolute perfect uniformity across batches that ensures a precision track bar you buy today will be identical to one bought 5 years from now. Each CNC-bent bar is then machined on a state-of-the-art CNC lathe for perfect threading of the new Rod End. On the oppsite end, an extremely stout FK Uniball sits in a custom machined and externally gusseted housing for maximum strength and rigidity. This is, without a doubt, the last track bar you will ever need for your truck: PERIOD. Nothing else available is this advanced and this strong.

New to the RAM trucks suspension layout is a rear track bar. We have included a track bar drop to bring the factory bar back to factory angle. Without it, the rear end of the truck likes to crab walk when the axle swings up. Others might overlook this critical component, but if you drive a truck with and without, you will hands-down request the truck that has one of these installed.

The factory RAM diesel fuel filler was designed without a fuel cap provision, leaving your expensive engine vulnerable to dirt, debris, and sedimentary deposits that lay on top of the factory fuel filler neck. The filler is sealed with a flap, but nothing other than this Fuel Cap will prevent the fuel nozzle from pushing in the caked dirt and letting it all fall into your fuel tank. The Billet Fuel Cap is sealed with a heavy duty O-ring to give a snug fit, while having enough wiggle room to remove it in the dead of winter with gloves. A high strength magnet capable of holding 4 pounds is pressed into the underside, allowing you to hang your cap on the fuel door hinge or other ferrous areas. Anodized green for a long lasting finish.

King Pintop shocks are designed and blue printed to our specifications. For the moment, this will be the biggest shock that will fit into the factory mounting locations. Lucky for us, the Pintop Kings are also some of our best riding shocks. For the all-around play truck and heavy duty hauler, this will be your go-to system.

FOX BACKCOUNTRY 2.0 SHOCKS FOX Backcountry 2.0’s were just received and ready for immediate delivery for your RAM. They feature FOX’s extruded Aluminum bodies and high-performance Urethane Bushings.The Backcountry’s are tuned for a comfortable ride on the pavement but are right at home on the trails and overlooks of your favorite overland retreats. Expect great things from these handsome little shocks.

FOX Commuter 2.0’s are tuned with the daily commute in mind, these shocks will knock the square edge bumps down to a more manageable level, while introducing more control that you thought possible in a heavy duty truck. Slot car city, fellas.


The Carli Suspension Rear Multi-Rate Coil Springs have been tested to a 2,000lb. capacity on a Quad-Cab, Short Bed Ram. These springs are a 15% reduction in payload capacity from OEM. Rear lift height achieved is cab-configuration dependent (i.e. single cabs will net more lift than mega-cabs).


What would a Carli kit be if it weren’t getting absolutely filthy out in the dirt or getting the shocks up to temperature? In true form, we have headed out several times to the deserts of Barstow, El Cajon, and Pheonix to really see how the new shock tunings are behaving out in real world dirt conditions. Spoiler alert: these trucks can boogie just like the previous years.

Off the bat, we have had our hands full making sure our products will stand the test of time. We may not always be first to market with the new vehicle platforms, but we sleep easier at night knowing we didn’t go the easy route. RAM trucks threw this platform a few curveballs that have been challenging to overcome. The end result is a comprehensive system that compliments, enhances, and defines what quality truly means. We at Carli appreciate your devoted interest in our new lineup and look forward to many more years of pushing the Heavy Duty truck envelope.